Motorcity in Dubai – Living the Automotive Dream

They do things differently in Dubai, a perfect example being Dubai Sports City, the world’s first dedicated Sports City and a place where people can celebrate sporting excellence in all its various guises. The launch of MotorCity in Dubai has undoubtedly taken Dubai’s ability to turn dreams into a reality that one stage further.

Ever since the days of Henry T. Ford, man has had a fascination with the motor car and all its facets. The unique sound of the engines, the beauty and sophistication of the design through to the sheer exhilaration of the drive itself. All of these qualities and passions have now come together in one very unique place, MotorCity in Dubai.

A testimony to the passions inspired by the motor car, MotorCity is a place where you can live and breathe every aspect of the automotive world. A place of work, a place to live and a place of dreams. This can only be MotorCity in Dubai.

Motorcity is fact split up into a number of key areas, Business Park MotorCity, Uptown MotorCity, Green Community MotorCity, Dubai Autodrome and F1-X. Each one of these key areas come together to form a self-sustained city, a place of family fun, exhilaration and high octane entertainment.

Dubai Autodrome will be the regions first fully integrated motorsports facility, incorporating not only an FIA sanctioned race circuit, but also a race and driving school and karting track. Designed to host automotive events up to world class standards, Dubai Autodrome is sure to prove one of Dubai’s main tourist attractions for many years to come.

Business Park MotorCity is designed to be the developments business centre, and a commercial hub for the automotive industry. Home to some of the leading names in the automotive industry, Business Park MotorCity will offer a range of high tech office solutions to give its residents one of Dubai’s most high powered commercial addresses.

Uptown MotorCity and Green Community MotorCity provide a wide range of superbly designed apartments and villas to cater for every taste and budget, and are sure to prove any motor enthusiasts dream.

If Uptown MotorCity and Green Community MotorCity are where the motor enthusiasts will choose to live, the F1-X is where they will truly live their dreams. A place where motor sport fans can really explore and experience the world of Formula One like never before. A place of thrills and entertainment, of shows and expo’s, F1-X will truly encapsulate the thrills and entertainment of the world of Formula One.

Dubai MotorCity looks certain to become the motor enthusiasts dream destination, and one of Dubai’s most popular tourist destinations. A place of high octane adventure and a place unlikely to be rivaled anywhere else on earth.

Automotive Marketing Research for Up Trending the Web World

Automotive Marketing Research is one of the widest topics available that can be selected for marketing purposes. It is one of the lucrative fields which have daily updates regarding launches and new products. In short is the hub of the web world when various company data is updated on the internet. Various companies here strictly mean automobile based companies.

There are various tactics that can be used in finding raw data. This raw data is vital and holds all the information. Working on such information can be difficult at times because of you have to know couple of terms which are not at all similar and heard on day to day conversations. Automotive Marketing Research can also be done through the use of various strategies that are available at disposal. Using these strategies in the right manner is important as you will brief idea about the automobile sector.

Powersports Marketing Research resides only for vehicles which have high end power. Their category is different from the rest. In this category you will only find vehicles which are used for recreational or for sports purposes. Yes, daily commuters are also available but they are rare and difficult to find. Understanding the market pattern will give you immense boost in conducting automotive marketing research.

Automobile Event Research gives you a different outlook and scenario. In this type of research you have the option to select various events that are happening around the world. These events will be different and will mostly consist of launches which are due. In these launches you can expect new products to be unveiled which are simply superb and outstanding. These products can be in any category, it should contain all the data that you are looking forward towards the launch.

Automotive Marketing Research can be conducted with the use of Online Surveys, Focus Groups, Event Research, Mail Studies and Phone Studies. These are some of the techniques that can be used to gather data. Automobile event research has the priority since it holds up lots of information which will be beneficial in the long run. It will show you how things evolve in the automobile segment. Powersports Marketing Research will also give you all the latest trends that are available in the world of automobiles. Working on such patterns will be difficult in the beginning but will eventually become easy as time passes by. You can also try the online world which is so advanced when it comes to filling of data for various research.

Auto Event – LA Auto Show

Being held since the year 1907, the LA Auto show has been the center of attraction for the whole of auto industry including auto part suppliers. With the show being only the second International Auto Show in the US to be officially recognized by the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d’Automobiles, there’s the anticipation that it would feature some truly pulsating exhibits.

The international automobile exhibition is an annual event held at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. Back in 1907, the first show was held at the at Morley’s Skating Rink in downtown Los Angeles, just a few blocks away from the present venue. Historically held during early January, it now takes place in November, after it celebrated its 100 years of success in 2006.

The LA Auto Show usually conjures up images of scintillating concept cars and world debuts of many autos. However, there’s a lot more for the aftermarket part suppliers and buyers as well. The show is a useful event as you can find most automotive parts which are associated with trucks, vans and SUVs.

Here are some examples to the fact that its not just an event showcasing dazzling cars only.

Wheels, Tires & Suspension: Wheels are an important automotive part that not only enhance the look of the vehicles but ensure a good fuel economy too. A lot of wheel components such as Automotive Wheels, Automotive Tubes, Linkage Parts, Radial Tires, Tires and Wheels Accessories, Tubeless Tires make it possible. In 2007, a couple of wheel manufacturers and suppliers who exhibited included Lorinser, Diablo, Center Line Wheels, and many more.

Automobile Accessories Most Trucks, Vans & SUV owners can expect a wide array of automotive accessories to customize and style their autos as the wish. Accessories such as Automotive Body Polishes, Automobile Maintenance Supplies, Automotive Seats , Car Care Products and Tools, Audio Devices, Video Devices , Security Devices don’t power an automobile but the surely enhance our comfort and safety in addition to making the vehicle appealing.

Other notable exhibits during previous shows have been specialty vehicles and tuners & performance, electronics & technology, appearance, supplies for automobiles.

Most major automobile manufacturers display at the show.

Automotive Marketing Research, Tips to Find the Best Firm

The automotive industry is growing at a rapid pace. The success of a product is directly proportional to the amount of research that has gone into making the product. Hence, automotive marketing research is integral to the entire process of product development and feedback. This type of research entails various specialized areas. That’s precisely where experienced research firms play a significant role starting right from the preliminary product design research stage.
Automobile events are a fertile ground to conduct research and empower you with information that will make your brand stronger. Automobile event research needs to be carefully carried out to get you the right results from live events. Let’s take a look at some specialized automotive marketing research areas:

• Car clinics: Static automobile clinics are effective automotive marketing research tools that help in new product development and feedback. It is advisable to choose a firm that can conduct clinics of all sizes with the number of vehicles ranging from 1-2 to as many as 90 or more if so required. The research firm in questions should be able to handle a large number of respondents across multiple cities. The use of hand-held, touch screen computers makes data easy to collect, process, analyze and integrate.

• Drive clinics: There are different types of drive clinics such as Open Course Drive Clinics, Closed Course Drive Clinics and Motorcycle Ride Clinics that help to get realistic feedback about various aspects of driving a vehicle. A good research firm should be able to provide experienced, well-trained and flexible interviewers who can get maximum information from respondents while controlling a dynamic situation. Closed course drive clinics are an ideal way to get respondents to experience the exact same driving conditions across all drive vehicles. A closed course could include stadium parking lots, NASCAR tracks, road race courses, skid pads, drag strips, blocked off sections of public roadways, etc.

• Auto show research: These events are among the most cost-effective ways to get customer feedback in a clinic-style setting. At such events, interviewers from a research firm conduct intercept interviews with event attendees. Automobile event research could include several different types of events such as auto shows, power sports events, vendor display and race events and enthusiast events. It is advisable to choose a research firm that has experience in conducting research across all of these events while employing randomized respondent selection techniques.

So whether it is the initial product design research or final customer satisfaction research, it is advisable to find a firm that has experience in different facts of automotive marketing research.